Start with the story

Occasionally a pearl of wisdom is spoken and you happen to be there to hear it. Today I think I heard one. For the past 6 months I have been struggling for inspiration to complete the DVD project I started nearly two years ago. I have videoed the process of learning to roll a kayak “Greenland Style” from 13 different camera angles, I have amassed several hours of footage, but I have yet to create even a first draft of the training video. Why? Every time I start I don’t know how to take the second step. This morning a colleague of mine and I were shooting the breeze in our usual irreverent fashion and she mentioned what she had been told by a friend many years ago when starting video project “Start with the Story”.
“Start with the story”. It kind of makes sense doesn’t it? How can I construct a meaningful video without knowing the story I am trying to tell? Many years ago I was at a training class on public speaking, amongst the many pearls of wisdom they spoke they always said “Tell them what you are going to say, say it, then tell them what you said” So I thought it would make sense to start by saying what I am going to say; my plan is to create a DVD to help people teach themselves to roll “Greenland Style”, the emphasis being on the word style. Like all ancient traditions Greenland Style rolling evolves and adapts to the individual, the kayak and the situation. There is not one way to roll, nor one roll to learn. This project will be to capture my experiences both from learning and teaching to roll the Greenland Style so that others can use it to learn. Why do I want to do this, so you too can share in the delights of nailing that first roll like I did a couple of years ago:

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