Tahe Greenland

On Tuesday my father called me and informed me I needed to be cheered up (what with turning 40, changing roles and to top it all off having Emma return to Maryland at the end of summer).
The solution he prescribed was to buy me a kayak, but not just any kayak, only the best darn rolling kayak in the world (IMHO) – the Tahe Greenland, okay so I don’t know that it is the best (yet), but…. it has every thing I have been wanting in a kayak, radically low aft deck, classic Inuit lines, and its black – it looks either incredibly sleek, or evil – some people call it the Darth Kayak, I prefer to think of it as a weapon – designed to hunt to feed the family, not that there are many narwhals to hunt in Spring Lake but if there were this would be the kayak to go get them in.
This morning on NPR there was an article about researchers working with Inuits in Greenland to “hunt” Narwhal in their hand made kayaks and to spear them with transmitters so their migration could be tracked – weird coincidence when I am looking forward to get a replica of the kayaks they are paddling…

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