Tettegouch and others…

The forecast was not good, rain and thunder in the mid afternoon, we drive south to Tettegouch and hiked to the upper falls and then retraced our steps to Two Step Falls, both had more water coming over them that we had ever seen. K reveled in the scene, leaping across the rocks and skimming stones at every opportunity.

After the falls we hiked back to the car and the rain started, we made it back without becoming completely drowned rats and then went north in search of better weather. We stopped at Cross River but failed to find the start of the hike we were looking for and then despite the protests from the back seat we stopped at Temperance River and strolled arround the falls for a while.

The rain was continuing to fall so we drove north and went to Oberg Mountain where the sun finally broke through again.

We hiked the circular cliff top path taking in the views all the way whilst playing an alphabet memory game which required us to remember the 26 things we would pack in a suitcase, everyone was done byt the time we descended back to the car.

Dinner back in Grand Marais (the only place with cell phone reception in the area) and then back to the swimming pool, feet up in front of a roaring fire, fell asleep and dragged ourselves to bed. Rain out the window now, packing bags and heading south in the hopes of seeing Split Rock Lighthouse.

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