Then we are six

This evening I painted the second top coat on the master bedroom walls, the paint has hidden the ghastly blue nicely and I finished the painting off by touching in the ceiling paint where I had encroached upon it with the wall paint and primer. Going there I also delivered our sixth (the banana) kayak and rearranged the kayaks to fit on the lower to shelves. The top rack still awaits at least three more kayaks 😉
I finished the evenings work by laying the underlay (with vapor barrier) and started to lay the hardwood floor. I completed about a third of the room before returning home for the night.
As I was leaving a saw a large fish jump for a fly, it was about fifty feet away from the beach but I could clearly see in the dusk it was a large fish, a heron was standing with its feet in the lake just in front of the kayak house watching too. Unfortunately I startled it and it took off low and fast across the lake towards the marshes.

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