Throwing stick, sweep from stern to bow, finish tucked forward

Norsamik Kingukkut – “with a norsaq, starting aft”

Norsaq Roll Start back Finish Forward

A: Rotate core clockwise until you can reach your right hand holding the Norsaq and hook it over the other side of the back deck. Roll in backwards. Make sure you right knee is engaged with the Masik. Hold your left hand against the hull through the roll

B: Wait for the kayak to go completely upside down then arch your back and reach upwards until the Norsaq is just out of the water and your arm is stretched out towards the back of the kayak.

C: Sweep the Norsaq in an arc away from the kayak and towards the front, push your head down into the water and engage your right knee, move your back from the arch to a tuck as you rotate forward.

D: When the Norsaq is perpendicular to the kayak dive it down under the kayak as you swing your head low across and into the center of the kayak. Finish with the Norsaq touching the hull under water.

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