I am searching for a Tuilik to add to my Christmas present list this year, J and I have found that if I produce a list it makes everyone’s life easier to deal with the man that has everything he wants, expect….. This year the big ticket item will be a Tuilik sometimes spelled Tuiliq (Traditional Greenland spelling I think) A Tuilik is a long flexible top that encompasses a spray skirt effectively sealing you into the kayak at the waist and with water ingress only possible at wrists and around the face (the have hoods). So far I have identified 3 possible sources for them:
Reed in the UK, Brooks in Canada, and Superior Kayaks in the USA.

In case you are interested in learning more about this clothing here is a great link to the Qajaq USA website with the history. Bug Head used to make them also but it appears they are out of business now.

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