Two steps forward, one back

I assembled the “funky” light for the living room at the cabin, it looks great and the light seems ample to read by.
My second task for the day was to see how the sports utility trailer would work with both bikes and kayaks on board. I had previously set it up in a way that I thought they might all fit (2 bikes 2 kayaks). I was wrong in several ways; first the horizontal supports for the kayaks were in the wrong place, they are both too far forward. Second the bikes are too close to the center on the trailer and there is insufficient room between them to fit the kayaks (even on edge) so back to the drawing board. Tomorrow I plan on moving the horizontal bars to be about 7-8 feet from the front and then set 6 feet apart. I think that with an eighteen foot kayak that spliting the distance into thirds makes sense. Once I have these in place I have a theory about how I can raise the bikes up onto the kayak bars and just need a front cross brace to take the load. we shall see how it goes tomorrow….

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