Unicorn Tamer

This week at work an email came out raising the discussion of job titles, referencing a series of recent articles sharing the notion of using creative descriptions such as Director of Culture etc. I responded suggesting that mine be Tamer of Unicorns.
Unicorns have been a big deal this week, mainly as a mechanism to acknowledge front and center that some words are overloaded in technology groups – in this particular instance it was Agile, so rather than wrestle with the notion that Agile had been tried already, I started calling the development methodology the Pink Unicorn, clearly differentiating it from anything tried previously here. Agile is a collection of approaches tools and techniques that is used to deliver software iteratively and collaboratively.

My preferred approach is to blend Iterative development with Continuous Integration and a healthy dose of Test Driven development. More to come on those methodologies later. Last week Chad emailed me a link to a really cool project IHMC CMaps which is a very simple tool for the capture of concept maps, I used it to develop a way of talking about all the elements of the Pink Unicorn and show how interrelated they all were. Here is a monster diagram aggregating all the concepts from culture, to tools, to techniques.

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