Waterproof paper sample – kayak tested

Today we put together the first sample of the book printed on the new Xerox waterproof and tear proof paper. The paper has a great feel. It is polyester based, giving it a very professional finish. Each page costs 38 cents, which is fairly outrageous. But as my buddy Ron stated, this project is about making a quality product not a cheap one. So I am pushing forward with the waterproof concept even though it is going to treble the production costs. I was shocked at the cost of printing and binding. In runs of 100 books the printing and binding will cost over $6 per book. Combine that with the paper costs, and the cost of goods is rising fast. However, I am committed to bring it to the US market at a $19.95 retail price. There is something magical about a book costing less than a twenty dollar bill. I have a couple of offers from paddle makers to put the book up on their sites, and I am looking for other people in the Greenland Paddling communities who are prepared to help me promote the book. My plan is to have it available in the last week of September for purchase. This is all contingent on a positive outcome from next week’s extensive sea trials 🙂

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