Weekend fun

Prior lake this morning was blustery and empty, wind gusting 20mph, fishermen, sporadic and wrapped up warm. No surfing today, but came very close off Fish Point Park where the waves seem to build the strongest with an Easterly breeze. Skeg cable is bent and really hurt my hand this morning trying to bang it into place, finally it gave in so I was able to lower it, which was good as the trailing breeze would have made the Cappela broach a lot otherwise.
Yesterday K’s soccer team won 4:0, and we went to Valley Fair for a play date with one of her friends who was far braver than K, and so I got to ride Corkscrew and Wild Thing, both of which I loved! Although I have to say it is a little disconcerting to plunge 200ft from the top and hit the curve and rocket back up to the sky, by the second time we did it though we were both just hooting and hollering with excitement.

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