What do you give the man who has everything?

I am fortunate to have a good income, and a wife with a great income. And even more fortunate that my wife seems (still) to be understanding about my need for kayak accessories. This year foir my birthday I was treated to several excellent additions:

Number one gift was the Snow Peak Titanium French Press, Ron Steinwall introduced me to the delights of good coffee while camping. It has been great to learn how you don’t need to slum it just because you are camping. Start your day in style with a good cup of coffee… It sets you up for a good day of paddling. Its a good thing I drink it black as I don’t know how I would keep milk fresh long. In addition to the coffee pot I was treated to a titnium mug as well, which is great as my plastic one is already looking a bit ropey. The mug comes with a lid that could prove useful as a strainer, and the mug is gradiated with fl oz – a very useful thing for cooking dehydrated food.

Number two gift was a new Jake (Life is good) T-Shirt. I have many of this brand and without a dout they last well but 10 years is a long time for any clothing so it is soon going to be time to retire some and this new one may become my new favorite. I pointed out to Jacquelyn that I did not have an orange kayak and I should get one to match the T-Shirt but she didn’t agree. I guess I will have to find another angle to convince her we need an 11th kayak for the kayak shed. I will have to write to Jake and see if I can get them to start a line of T-shirts with Greenland Paddles.

Number three gift was a Dual Mode Guardian Expedition Light, this is a small clip on LED light, capable of flashing or constantly on. perfect for being clipped onto the straps of a PFD and yet much less bulky than the pen lights I have used in the past. It uses small high power batteries and given my preference for day paddling this will work well as a back up should I ever be caught out in the evening. The literature says it will last 45 hours flashing – I hope never to find out if that is correct.
My “big” gift is a roof box for the Volvo, I get to choose which one I want. Ideally it will be big enough for four sets of skis, or paddles and paddle gear. I would like to be able to have the box on the roof and still have room for a Kayak – not sure yet if that is realistic. I will start my research…

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