What is in a name?

Many traditional Greenland Rolls and skills have their original names, English translations, and slang names. Recently it was bought to my attention by a fellow paddler with a passion for rolling, that the English name side sculling is really an incorrect translation of the Greenland name. The literal translation of Innaqatsineq means “lying on the back”. Lying on your back is exactly how the skill is described and scored in competition. There is however an alterntive skill that involves sculling while lying on your side. The hands are used differently in these two rolls, and the body position is very different.
This video analysis shows the two styles of sculling.
It seems to me the current roll which is commonly described as side sculling should be renamed as “Sculling lying on your back” and “Side Sculling” should be used to describe the less common method of lying on your side. But that is just my opinion. what is yours?

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