What’s in a name?

So… completing an angel (butterfly) roll with the opposite hand? Completing a storm roll with the opposite hand? Complete a shotgun roll with the opposite arm? Sometimes by accident sometimes by design we all end up “inventing” new rolls when we are learning. How do we know if they are new? What should they be called? http://kayakrolls.com is my attempt to both spark the controversy and then help clean it up. So here is my plan, as I make a mistake and survive I will document the weird roll that occurred and give it a name, I will try and make it logical and not to o abstract, like how about the opposite hand storm roll? You can then set me straight by commenting on the rolls and I will correct the name, or add synonyms as you help me complete the documentation of the world’s rolls. During the past few days people have sent me some links to alternative attempts to document the rolls, none of them are anything like as complete as I am aiming to make the site but they are nonetheless very useful. Please continue to send me the links and please keep sending me links to videos, I have many rolls that need video, any point of view is great, on or off deck filming, I don’t mind in fact the more the merrier I would like multiple per roll, so if you know of a video that you think is better or complements the one on the site please send it my way.

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