Why is it…

….. that when J rests her head on my chest in the morning and dozes that it feels so good? Okay some times her hair tickles my nose. But why is it that human contact is so soothing, babies sleep best when they can hear a heart beating. I remember fondly E falling asleep while I lay on the sofa and she was curled up on my chest – good times.
E is back at Groves now, and K is at horse camp, the crazy schedule of camps has started for the summer, the next 6 weeks will be busy for us, we have after camp activities to contend with also, skating lessons tonight as an example. Somehow I also need to fit in continuing to water the grass and plants at the cabin….. I see lots of conference calls in the car in my immediate future.

My dad came across an article that suggests that it is not the chemicals that killed the fish (Crappies) directly, instead the chemicals kill the weeds, the weed dies, then decomposes in the water and robs the water of oxygen in the process, this then deprives the fish of needed oxygen and hence they die. This seems more a plausible explanation.

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