Wild v Canucks

Yesterday J and I were fortunate enough to be given tickets to the best seats in the house, front row “on the glass” next to the penalty box at the Xcel Energy Center, we saw the Wild play the Vancouver Canucks. We also got to hang out in the “Fishing Lodge” which is a bar in the depths of the building, the cool part about the Fishing Lodge is that it is on the route that the players walk to get to their changing rooms so we got to see them up close and personal.
If you have never stood next to those guys you have no idea how tall some of them are. I was very glad there was 3/4 inch Plexiglas between us and them at game time.
Speaking of which the Plexiglas walls were interesting, when charged at by three or more players they move by design, they are not fixed rigidly to the floor instead they are loosely coupled to each other and they bend and flex by considerable amounts, absorbing a lot of the energy. J was unable to resist the instinct to flinch every time the puck smacked into the wall next to us. The only disappointment for the evening was that Vancouver beat us in sudden death overtime, but this was undoubtedly the best game experience I have had yet.
Okay that’s not the only disappointment, I couldn’t get fries with my chili cheese dog in the bar…… oh life is soooo bad 🙂

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