A worthy addition to the paddle collection

Thus weekend I got to try out the Root Beer paddle. I originally commissioned it from Novorca to see what effect it would have on low angled paddling, I found that my 86 inch Greenland paddle was too short to generate sufficient power at low angles, and so the 90 inch was an attempt to see if an additional 4 inches would make sufficient difference.
Carbon Fiber Greenland Paddle Collection
Not only is the paddle longer, but the blades profile is substantially different, it is wider, has squarer tips and so has a lot greater surface area further away from the loom.
I started tested out the paddle with some rolling, see earlier post on this subject, needless to say the additional buoyancy only made it easier, especially for the balance brace which felt like I had a helium balloon lifting me up.
When I finally got around to paddling I fell into my natural rhythm and groove, a high angled canted stroke with fairly high cadence, it worked but boy did it wear me out quickly. The kayak flew along but the additional surface area made it tough to keep up such a high cadence. I then remembered what I was supposed to be trying out and dropped my hands into a low angle cruising stroke, the kayak maintained a good clip, definitely easier to sustain than the 86 inch paddle. It did take some doing to retrain my body to this new stroke.
I will need to spend more time with the paddle before making any final declaration, and use some gps measurements too, but it does seem a fast cruising paddle, but I don’t think it will replace my 86 inch one as my regular blade.

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