Balance Brace

Nalaasaarneq – To lie down

中文 – Chinese

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Sometimes called the Static Brace.

A. Start with the paddle floating parallel to the kayak on the right side. Hold the paddle in the middle of the loom palm up. Lie straight back on the aft deck. Keep your left arm stretched out to balance yourself.

B. Push your right knee hard against the deck. Relax your left leg. Slide your shoulders off the back deck into the water. Arch your back and push your head backwards. Keep your shoulders flat on the waters surface.

C. Once you are in balance, gently rotate your torso away from the kayak. Keep both arms outstretched. Hold the paddle away from the kayak behind your head. You should be able to rotate until you are perpendicular to the kayak.

D. To recover, rotate your torso towards the back of the kayak. Maintain your shoulders flat and your head pressed backwards. At the last minute, push down on the paddle and lift your back onto the aft deck. Keep your head low and in the water as long as possible,

If you are looking for more advice on improving a Static Brace check out this blog posting

This video shows a fun variation on the balance brace, taking a dip in the middle, allowing the kayak to roll fully over and then slowly righting it. This requires going from a convex spine position to a concave position and then back again. It helps teach how you can roll into a balance brace as you can use this technique when you are upside down as a result of a roll.

Apoyo equilibrado

a) Empieza con la pala flotando paralela al kayak por la derecha. Toma la pala palma arriba por el medio del mástil. Tiéndete derecho sobre la cubierta de popa. Mantén tu brazo izquierdo extendido para equilibrarte.

b) Presiona tu rodilla derecha contra la cubierta. Relaja tu pierna izquierda. Desplaza tus hombros de la cubierta al agua. Gira tu espalda y tu cabeza hacia atrás. Mantén tus hombros planos en el agua.

c) Una vez en equilibrio, poco a poco aleja el torso del kayak. Mantén ambos brazos extendidos. Aleja la pala del kayak tras tu cabeza. Deberías poder girarte hasta estar perpendicular al kayak.

d) Para recuperarte, lleva el torso hacia la popa. Mantén los hombros planos y tu cabeza echada. Al final, apóyate en la pala y alza tu espalda a la cubierta. Mantén tu cabeza baja y en el agua tanto como puedas.


a) 動作開始時,讓船槳浮於你的右側水面上,與船保持平行,握住船槳中央位置,掌心朝上,直躺於後甲板上,左手臂伸出維持平衡。

b) 將你的右膝蓋用力上推甲板,左腿放鬆,肩膀划出甲板,仰躺,背部反弓起,頭部後仰入水,保持肩膀平躺在水面上。

c) 抓到平衡後,慢慢的轉動腰部,讓身體離開船身,保持雙臂伸展開的姿勢,將槳維持在頭部後方,遠離船的位置。持續移動身體直到身體與船呈垂直的角度。

d) 回復原位時,轉動腰部讓身體往船後方靠近,保持肩膀平躺,頭部後仰,在最後一刻,用力下壓船槳,利用下壓的浮力,將身體移回後甲板上方。



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