Reverse Sweep Roll

Kingumut Naatillugu – (holding the paddle) pointed/touching aft
中文 – Chinese

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Not only does this roll look really impressive, it also is very powerful. It is a sweep roll starting from behind and finishing forward. It was also the first roll I learned where you roll in backwards rather than face forward.

A: To set up hold the paddle extended out to the right at chest level, left hand close to the end of the blade with the blade across your palm and the right hand the same way grasping the loom. Rotate your body clockwise (a long way) and hook the end of the paddle on the left side of the kayak (this is the right side of the kayak when looking backwards!) lean your body towards the back of the kayak to dig the paddle in deeper into the water. It is critical at this kayak to have your right knee in good strong contact with the masik or thigh brace. You are now ready to take a leap of faith and roll in backwards.

B: At this point when you begin learning the roll you are going to feel really disorientated, wait until you feel the kayak fully upside down and then if you are still in position you should feel that the paddle blade is out of the water, this is your sign to engage the sweep and drive! If you don’t feel the blade out of the water then reach up waggle the paddle around until you find the right place, remember you should now be face down in the water with your back arched backwards.

C: The next movement is a combination of swinging the paddle towards the front of the kayak while keeping you left hand on your chest at the same time as bending your back straight and then doing a crunch, this arch to crunch motion combined with lifting your knee towards your head will cause the kayak to rotate and will make your head to remain low and in the water.

D: By the time your paddle is perpendicular to the kayak you should be in the crunch position and ready to sweep the paddle across the foredeck in the low brace finish. When learning the roll I found it useful to scull up at the end, until I had confidence that I was able to do the low brace recovery.

When learning this roll it is especially important to be in good contact with your cockpit, it is all too easy to lose your feeling of being at one with the kayak when bent over backwards and trying to find the kayak with your knee while doing the arch to crunch move is a real challenge. I found it useful to consciously jam my right knee hard against the masik just prior to rolling in, this strong feeling of connection helped me instinctively do the right knee raise when upside down and back to front!

If you are looking for more advice on how to improve forward finishing rolls, check out this blog post for training tips.

Rol de popa o reverso

a) Extiende la pala por la derecha a nivel del pecho. Mano izquierda junto al extremo de la hoja con tu palma sobre ella y la derecha igual agarrando el mástil. Gírate a la derecha. Fija el extremo de la pala a la izquierda del kayak. Inclínate hacia popa para hundir más la pala en el agua. Es esencial que tengas tu rodilla derecha bien fija en el masik o la muslera. Vuélcate hacia atrás.

b) Cuando el kayak esté totalmente volcado, notarás que la hoja está fuera del agua. Si no es así trata de conseguirlo moviendo la pala. Ahora estarás boca abajo con tu espalda doblada hacia atrás (arqueada)

c) Mientras adelantas la pala hacia la proa (mantén la mano izquierda en el pecho) gira la espalda tras contraer el abdomen. Este giro al contraerte combinado con el tirón de rodilla hacia la cabeza hará que el kayak rote y mantendrá tu cabeza baja y en el agua.

d) Cuando la pala esté perpendicular al kayak deberías estar contraído. Desliza la pala sobre la cubierta como al final de un apoyo bajo.


a) 船槳握於胸前,向右伸出,左手抓握接近末端的槳葉,抓握LOOM。順時針旋轉身體,將船槳末端勾在船尾左側,將身體向後仰,讓船槳入水更深。很重要的一點是你的右膝要很穩固的與船前甲板或是膝蓋軟墊有穩固的接觸。向後仰翻下水。

b) 當船完全翻倒過來,你應該感覺到槳葉露出水面。如果感覺槳葉沒有浮出水面,搖擺槳葉將槳向水面延伸,直到確認槳到達水面的位置。現在,您應該在水中,面朝下,背部反弓起的姿勢。

c) 當向船前方擺動船槳時(保持你的左手在你的胸部),弓起你的背部,然後捲縮腹部。這個弓起背部捲縮腹部的動作,結合將膝蓋往頭部的方向抬昇的動作,將會產生讓船身旋轉的力量,同時讓你的頭維持低姿勢在水中。

d) 完成時,你的船槳應該垂直於船身,人應該呈現彎腰捲縮的姿勢,掃槳橫越前甲板,如同低支撐的結束姿勢。


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