Hand roll, start tucked forward, finish tucked forward

Assammik Masikkut – using your hand, at the masik (forward).
中文 – Chinese

A: Like the forward forward norsaq roll, this roll requires commitment and belief. The closer you can keep your chest to the foredeck the easier this roll will be to complete. Start by hugging the deck, reach around the kayak with your left arm and pull yourself low onto the deck start with your right hand palm forwards an the back of your hand touching your head.

B: Keep the right knee engaged through out the roll. With your right hand reach as far left as you can, roll in. when upside down reach as far away from the kayak as possible and attempt to get your head to the surface.

C: Begin rolling the kayak by crunching all your abs and bringing your chin to your chest. start bringing the kayak upright with your abs and hips before starting to sweep your hand down.

D: Then sweep your hand in a huge arc. Your hand should already be a far streched out as possible from step B. The arc continues until your hand isfully underneath the hull on the right side of the kayak. The further away from the kayak you can reach the better the leverage you get. Try and keep your chest in contact with the deck through out the entire roll. and stay down until you are up. Commit to the roll by keeping the arc going until your hand is touching the underside of the hull, that last part of the sweep may be the final bit of thrust you need to get the kayak upright. This roll is made easier if you can keep the kayak moving throughout the roll, don’t let it come to a stop or you will be fighting the inertia of the kayak to get it rolling.

So the key points to this roll: a massive reach and sweep down of the right arm, and hug that kayak throughout the roll with your opposite arm keeping your chest low and tight to the deck.

Rol de mano, inicio doblado, final doblado

a) Cuanto más juntes el pecho a la cubierta delantera más fácil será este rol. Rodea el kayak con tu brazo izquierdo y agáchate sobre la cubierta, abrazándola. Pon la mano derecha contra tu frente, palma adelante.

b) Mantén fija la rodilla derecha durante el rol. Lleva a la izquierda tu mano derecha todo lo posible. Vuelca. Tras volcar sepárate del kayak todo lo posible y trata de llevar tu cabeza a la superficie.

c) Inicia el giro del kayak contrayendo el abdomen y acercando el mentón al pecho. Empieza a adrizarlo con tu abdomen y cadera antes de iniciar el barrido con la mano derecha.

d) Tal barrido será amplio. Hazlo manteniendo el barrido hasta que tu mano toque el fondo del casco por la derecha del kayak. Intenta dejar el pecho tocando la cubierta durante todo el rol, y mantente agachado hasta estar vertical. Es más fácil si mantienes el kayak en movimiento todo el rato.

徒手翻滾 前傾到前傾

a) 胸部盡可能的貼近前甲板,這個翻滾就越容易完成,左手臂環抱船身,將身 體拉低貼向甲板擁抱他,右手靠著額頭,手掌向前。

b) 右膝蓋在整個翻滾過程中保持穩固。右手盡量向左方延伸。翻滾下水,當在水中顛倒時,手向船的遠方延伸越遠越好,並試著將頭浮至水面。

c) 緊縮你的腹部,下巴貼胸口,開始翻滾。先用你的腹部跟臀部的力量將船翻正,再開始掃壓右手。

d) 用手掃一個巨大的弧型。要完成這個翻滾,手要維持弧線直到你的手觸摸到右側船體底部。在整個翻滾過程中,盡量保持你的胸部接觸甲板,並保持低姿勢直到你翻正過來。如果在翻滾過程中能一直保持船翻滾的動能,會比較容易完成。


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