Spine Roll

Aariammillugu – which literally translated means touching the area between the shoulder blades.

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A: Set up with the paddle held vertically behind your back cup the bottom of the blade with your left hand, and with your right hand reach up above your head and grasp the loom with your palm towards the front of the kayak. Now if you are like me you probably at this point have the paddle in the middle of your back along your spine right? Well don’t… slide it slight to the left of your spine and as you lean forward allow you left (lower) hand to move away from your back, dip the paddle in to the left of the kayak and roll leftwards.

B: Now wait. Wait until you flot to the surface and you sense your balde tip is right up there with you. Then this roll now follows much of the standard Greenland roll, arch your back and press with your knee to start the kayak roatating.

C: Then sweep the paddle and your whole body aft.The key to successfully completing this roll is to adjust the paddle angle along you back as you sweep around. Do not aim to leave the paddle parallel to your body allow it to lag behind so that it end up angled out from the kayak while you are leaning on the aft deck.

D:The easiest way to do this is to raise your left hand up your back and push your right hand out away from your body, this will allow you to brace up a little on the paddle at the end if you need some assistance getting onto the back deck.

If when learning to do this roll you find you are stuck in a static brace with the paddle out under your head and you are unable to get your back and head onto the back deck, then you have simply forgot to adjust the paddle angle during the sweep, I found the angel roll was a simple recovery from this awkward spot! Keep practicing and don’t try and rush the sweep take your time and give yourself the chance to adjust the paddle, remember raise your left hand up and push your right hand out.

Rol espinal

a) Coloca la pala vertical tras tu espalda. Toma la parte inferior de la pala con tu mano izquierda. Sube tu mano derecha sobre tu cabeza y ase el mástil con la palma hacia la proa. Si haces como yo en este momento tendrás la pala en medio de tu espalda a lo largo de tu columna. No la dejes ahí. Pásala un poco a la izquierda de tu columna. Como estás doblado deja que tu mano izquierda (inferior) se separe de tu espalda, sumerge la pala y vuelca por la izquierda.

b) Espera a darte la vuelta y que tus hombros floten en la superficie. Deberías notar que la punta de la pala está a tu altura. Desde aquí este rol sigue como el rol estándar groenlandés. Arquea tu espalda y presiona tu rodilla para iniciar la rotación del kayak.

c) Barre hacia atrás la pala y todo tu cuerpo. La clave para lograrlo es ajustar el ángulo de la pala a lo largo de espalda mientras barres. No pretendas dejar la pala paralela a tu cuerpo. Déjala retrasada para que quede en ángulo respecto al kayak mientras te recuestas sobre la cubierta de popa.

d) El modo más fácil de hacerlo es alzando la mano izquierda sobre tu espalda y desplazando tu mano derecha del cuerpo. Esto te permitirá apoyarte usando la pala al final en caso de necesitar ayuda para ponerte sobre la cubierta trasera.

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