Greenland Paddles

Greenland paddle makers can be found around the globe, manufacturing, crafting and lovingly creating paddles for us to enjoy. This list is not exhaustive but includes those paddles that I have come across during my paddling travels, where they exist I have included a link to any articles I have published about the paddles. If you are a paddle maker and would like to be included on this list, or you notice an error in the information on this page please feel free to contact us. You will notice I have included where the items are made. I think it is important that we consider where our gear is made so that we can understand the impact our purchase may have on the environment, as well as the conditions under which the gear is made. I would hope that you can buy local and in doing so make a positive impact to your local paddle economy and environment.

usa Made in USA

Aluu Paddles – Custom Greenland Paddles, machine carved and hand finished from high quality cedar. Reviewed here. Made in Michigan.

Beale Paddles – Hand carved solid or laminated wooden paddles, I have watched Don carve…. impressive. Made in Oregon.

Benjamin Fontenot Paddles – Crafted from hand picked, premium grade Western Red Cedar. The classic West Greenland styled paddle is available as solid, bookmatched, and hollowcored, plus norsaqs. Made in Georgia.

Betsy Bay – Laminated wood paddles in a distinctive shape, available in three sizes and with a variety of loom materials. Made in Michigan.

Cricket Designs – Custom sized laminated Greenland paddles made in a variety of shapes. Made in Colorado.

Greenland Paddle Company – Hand made by John Davis, primarily from western red cedar, with white epoxy protecting the tips. Made in Maryland.

Lumpy Paddles – Custom hand carved Greenland paddles, made from sitka spruce and western red cedar. Renowned for carving gentle shoulders. Made in North Carolina. Reviewed here.

Mitchell Paddles – Laminated Greenland paddles made from Spruce available in two sizes. Made in New Hampshire.

SCM Kayaks – Hand made solid, laminated and decorated Greenland paddles. Made in Massachusetts.

Seawolf Kayak – Handpicked wood from Western Red Cedar, sourced locally, all paddles are made to order out of Seattle, Washington.

Shaman Kayaks – Red or yellow cedar Greenland paddles with polyethylene tips and edge protectors. Made in California.

Shaw and Tenney – Unfinished Greenland paddles ideal for your own customization and treatment. Made in Maine.

Superior kayaks – One, two and three piece carbon fiber paddles, available in lengths 82″-90″. Made in Wisconsin.

Thomas Paddles – Greenland paddles made from western red cedar and black locust, finished with tung oil. Made in Oregon.

Tuktu Paddles – Solid and laminated wooden paddles, custom made and hand carved in New Jersey.

The Weathered Paddle – Wooden solid and laminated one and two part paddles made in Maryland.

Wolfgang Brinck – Custom made solid and laminated wooden paddles available with custom decoration. Made in California.

uk Made in UK

Anglesey Stick – Carved in Western red cedar and available in three standard lengths or custom made.

Cedarboats Europe – Hand made wooden paddles with carbon fiber loom, or shoulder-less fully carbon fiber (or carbon glass composite) paddles.

nuu paddle – Custom made Greenland paddles, from Cedar, Douglas-fir and meranti, finished with either oil or varnish.

OMA – One Moore Adventure – Established to provide an affordable gateway paddle (a “Cheap Stick”) for those interested in learning about the Greenland style.

Ram Leisure – Hand made wooden custom paddles, available with simulated bone on the tips for protection.

Valkyrie Carft – Hand made laminated in a number of standard sizes.

Windslicer Paddles – Hand made one and two part Greenland paddles with hardwood tips.

taiwan Made in Taiwan

Gearlabs – Composite Carbon and Glass fiber, ultra light Greenland paddles available in a variety of lengths. Reviewed here.

Sweden Made in Sweden

Rebel Kayaks – Laminated wooden Greenland paddles, available in three sizes made from Pacific Red Cedar and reinforced with edges of Fraxinus. (They also make norsaq, or rolling sticks)

spain Made in Spain

H.Leinad Kayak Paddles – Custom hand carved Greenland paddles, made from western red
cedar. Made in Galicia

Kayak Groenlandes Alicantino – Hand made Greenland paddles, laminated and solid, available with epoxy coated tip protection.

Jakoi Paddles – Hand made Greenland paddles carved in western red cedar and laminated with iroco wood and with fire etched and painted decoration too . Made in proportion to the buyer.

Manolo Pastoriza – Solid cedar Greenland Paddles, custom hand carved to order.

romania Made in Romania

Enot – Laminated and solid Greenland paddles, available decorated with painted and burned art work.

Portugal Made in Portugal

Rosas – Greenland Paddles – Laminated hand made custom wooden Greenland paddles.

norway Made in Norway

Avannaq – A modern twist combining Greenland and wing style paddles in a patented blade design.

Kajakkspesialisten – Hand carved solid and laminated Greenland paddles made from locally harvested woods, you can read about Anders the builder here.

Saga Tre Hvittingfoss – Handcrafted paddles built in spruce, aspen, pine, as well as touches of blackwood coated with linseed oil or stain.

Yst ute Paddlesports – Laminated from western red cedar and spruce, available in two lengths.

japan Made in Japan

Kamwy Paddles – Solid and laminated Greenland paddles carved from domestic pine, cedar and ash. Available as one and two piece.

italy Made in Italy

Avatak Italy – Laminated Greenland style paddles in a variety of lengths and blade profiles.

PN Kayak – Laminated and solid wood Greenland paddles as well as Carbon fiber.

Paddles in Venice di Paolo Brandolisio – Wooden Greenland paddles painted in the traditional colors of Venetian gondoliers.

Wave Design – Carbon fiber one and two piece paddles hand crafted near Rome.

hungary Made in Hungary

Denescanoe – Laminated Greenland (and other style) kayak paddles.

germany Made in Germany

Blacklight – Renowned for their sharp edges and loved by racers, now manufactured in Germany by Lettmann GmbH.

france Made in France

Advanced Paddles – One piece and multi-part custom Greenland paddles either solid wood or laminated and available with plastic edges for additional protection.

Alpine Paddles – Wooden hand carved Greenland paddles available in standard sizes or customized. Laminated hardwood edges available.

Kerlo – Laminated Greenland paddles, hand carved to custom sizes.

finland Made in Finland

Kajak Sport – A lightweight innovative carbon fiber paddle with adjustable loom length called the Inuksuk.

Paddling Fabriken – Custom hand made to order, west Greenland Paddles, carved by Jöns Aschan.

Lahnaoski Kayak paddles – One standard size, very economically prices laminated Greenland paddle.

estonia Made in Estonia

East Pole Paddles – Customizable laminated and solid Greenland paddles.

denmark Made in Denmark

Gram Kajak – Laminated wooden Greenland Paddles, made using Western Red and Alaskan Yellow cedar. Now making two part paddles, and oval loom.

Greenland Paddle – Solid and laminated Greenland paddles hand carved from Western Red Cedar and Spruce.

china Made in China

King Paddles – Two part carbon fiber Greenland paddles available in numerous lengths.

Northern Light Paddlesports – One piece and three piece Carbon Fiber paddle, multiple loom lengths available. Reviewed here.

Olym Sports – Three piece carbon fiber paddles factory direct from Hangzhou.

catflag Made in Catalonia

Belone – Custom paddles from selected WRC, finished with Tung oill and with a paddle sock.

canada Made in Canada

Adanac Paddles – Custom hand made paddles, available with exotic hardwood tips and specializing in engraved “bling”. Reviewed here.

Joe O Paddles – Laminated and solid cedar custom paddles hand made by a renowned long distance kayak and canoe record holder. Reviewed here.

Made Kayaks – High grade red cedar paddles solid or laminated with hard wood tips, made in Gabriola Island British Columbia.

Raven Woods – Custom western red cedar Greenland paddles sealed with epoxy.

Talon Woodworks – Laminated from western red cedar, basswood, cherry and ash, and available in a range of sizes.

T and J paddles – Laminated custom paddles hand made using an ecologically sensitive zero waste methodology. Specializing in color artistic designs.

VI Paddles – Custom solid and laminated Greenland paddles made from locally harvested sustainable cedar grown in British Columbia. Reviewed here.

australia Made in Australia

Elver paddles – Hand carved and finished with a durable oil finish, limited sizes but nicely finished. I used one in Sydney harbor for an afternoon.

If there are any errors or omissions on these pages please contact us to rectify.