Miscellaneous Greenland Gear

When you get seriously obsessed with going Greenland style you will probably need to get your hands on all this gear too. You will notice I generally have included where the items are made. I think it is important that we consider where our gear is made so that we can understand the impact our purchase may have on the environment, as well as the conditions under which the gear is made. I would hope that you can buy local and in doing so make a positive impact to your local paddle economy and environment.

Avataq – Originally used as a float to exhaust hunted animals as well as float them once the prey had been killed. Now used as a training aid for rolling.

Available from Brooks in Canada.
Or make your own following using this blog post as a start.

Harpoons – The Inuit were subsistence hunters, their qajaq enabled them to quietly approach seal, narwhal, and walrus and then harpoon them. Several paddle makers now also make harpoons fitted with blunt practice tips allowing us to practice the art of throwing.

Available in the US from Superior Kayaks, Tuktu Paddles and in Canada from Adanac Paddles.

Asaloq – If using a tether on the harpoon then you may also want a traditional Asaloq, which when mounted on the foredeck provides a convenient way to coil and hold the leather line. Available in Canada from Adanac Paddles

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