Back Deck Roll

This is a forward finishing roll that involves lying back across the back deck and rotating the kayak over the top of you while finishing with a reverse sweep stroke. I find this roll considerably easier to complete smoothly if I extend the paddle away from the back of the kayak to begin the roll. If I grasp the paddle in the normal paddling position at the loom I find the left end of the paddle is harder to get over the hull during the roll and it causes me to have a less graceful finish. When I set up extended I find the roll very simple to complete as it is fundamentally a reverse sweep with the body set up in the opposite direction.

A: Set up by extending the paddle to the right. Rotate your core clockwise until your shoulders are parallel to the kayak and you are facing left. Lean towards the back of the kayak. Reach out and back and roll the kayak in.

B: As the kayak rolls in start to rotate across the back deck. You should imagine sweeping the end left of the paddle in a big arc under the kayak to get it into the same position as the paddle for the reverse sweep roll. Left hand low, right hand on loom near chest.

C: While swinging the paddle toward the front of the kayak (keeping your left hand on your chest), arch your back then do a crunch. This arch to crunch motion combined with lifting your knee towards your head will cause the kayak to rotate and will keep your head low and in the water

D: By the time your paddle is perpendicular to the kayak you should be in the crunch position. Sweep the paddle across the foredeck in the low brace finish.