Standard roll with paddle behind neck

Siukkut Tunusummillugu

Standard roll with paddle behind neck

When learning this roll I really had to stretch out to rotate my core, good flexibility is key to getting a great set up to start this roll.

A: Start by placing the paddle behind your neck extended out towards your right side reach up and back with your left hand and hold the paddle across your palm, for best style marks don’t cup the end, it works if you do but it’s best not to. Your left hand will be quite close to your head, hold your right hand further out, just outside your shoulder. Now twist your core and rotate the paddle counterclockwise across the front of the kayak, dip the paddle down into the water, leaning your body towards the front of the kayak to maximize the paddle depth.

B: Roll in on the left side. Now be patient… Wait for the paddle to surface.

C: Then start the arch and sweep the paddle out and back. Because your neck is not very strong the power of this roll comes later than many of the other rolls so expect everything to happen later in the sweep, maybe when the paddle is at thirty degrees from parallel.

D: The roll finishes with your head on the back deck the paddle under your neck and your knuckles touching the deck.

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