Greenland Paddling Gear

paddlingDedicated Greenland rolling fanatics like myself need a lot of toys. Dedicated rolling kayaks. A collection of paddles to suit every condition. The right clothes. The list keeps growing. I have been fortunate to try, buy and enjoy a great diversity of paddling gear over the years, much of which I have written about. These pages provide quick access to the web site of the crafts people making Greenland paddling gear that I have either come across, used, reviewed or abused.
You will notice I generally have included where the items are made. I think it is important that we consider where our gear is made so that we can understand the impact our purchase may have on the environment, as well as the conditions under which the gear is made. I would hope that you can buy local and in doing so make a positive impact to your local paddle economy and environment.
If there are any errors or omissions on these pages please contact us to rectify.